New Demo Trax using mracidmachine boxes and a JUNO-60

9 05 2013

MPS = Mega Percussive Synth

13 12 2012

Here are a couple shots of a mr.acidmachine version of the Thomas Henry MPS. There are 8 1/4-inch jacks on the back for Noise Filter CV, Shell Pitch CV, Noise Trigger IN, Impact Trigger IN, Shell Trigger IN, Impact OUT, Noise OUT, and Shell OUT. Tons of controls! Cool and spacey synth drum sounds.
MPS Angle
MPS side

Agent C analog semi-modular synth samples

2 11 2012

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2 11 2012

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1 11 2012

Agent C analog semi-modular synth with MIDI
PRE-ORDER NOW ON THE SHOP PAGE!! $775 shipping included worldwide.

2 VCOs (syncable, VCO1 is saw, VCO2 is saw or square with Pulse Width)
1 VCF (Bandpass/Lowpass, V/OCT and can self-oscillate)
1 LFO (square, ramp, saw, triangle)
2 Attack Release Generators (loopable)
1 Sample and Hold
1 White/Pink Noise Generator
1/4-inch Jack Patchbay for modular fun.
1 Linear Gated Glide for the CV IN.
MIDI to CV/GATE with note priority button (last, high, low) and channel button (1-16)
Mains IEC inlet with an internal switch for 115V/230V.
This synth will rock with you!
Hear it now at

Dr.Drumset Preview Shots

8 06 2012

Dr.Drumset stand up

For Starters!

8 06 2012

Hello all, get ready for some new analog drum machines and synths for sale very soon.  Right here!
for now check out Mr.AcidMachine on SoundCloud